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Scientific Knowledge, Creating Results

Gannon Chemicals Ltd., Ballindine, Claremorris, Co. Mayo

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Super G Concentrates


The Super G dosing system from Gannon Chemicals combines state of the art total cost control dispensers with specific tailor made super concentrated and biodegradable chemicals. It guarantees a total cleaning solution, total cost control, reduced waste and ease of use.                    

Controlled vending with accurate dosing guaranteed.


  • A pre-set time delay mechanism restricts over dosing ability
  • Very low in use costs per bottle, sink and bucket
  • Reusable trigger sprays means lower in use costs each time the bottle is filled.
  • Durable and attractive design
  • Highly Reliable
  • Robust, compact and attractive design made to survive the most abrasive cleaning environments.


  • Environmentally friendly 


  • All concentrates are biodegradable and none are corrosive  
  • Reduced packaging waste from 2LT containers & reusable spray bottles.
  • 100 bottles R.T.U per 1.5lt pouch.
  • No need for water connections, plumbing work or electricity.
  • Compact design allows flexibility in siting and fitting in restricted locations.
  • No service required - no breakdowns or replacement/refurbishment of parts.
  • Easy to use - No Fears for Cleaning Operatives
  • Secure and lockable dispenser - compliant with HACCP.


  • Bottle fill option will only dose when bottle is in position.
  • Sink/bucket fill options only dose when dispenser is enabled.
  • No splashing or dripping of chemical.
  • A simple “pull-push” lever delivery system dispenses concentrates to water. The operator has no choice but to take the correct dose every time.
  • Each dispenser front holds one 1.5lt concentrate pouch.
  • A transparent dispenser front identifies when containers are empty and the correct concentrate has been loaded.


  • Numeric and colour coded labels (and solutions) mean users choose and use the correct product every time.










To compliment these unique user and environmental benefits of the Super G dispenser, a new range of chemical concentrates has been developed. Controlling dilution is only half the battles, the products not only need to work well, but perform better than the rest. The new range is colour coded and consists of the following products:

  • G1 – Degreaser
  • G2 – Sanitizer
  • G3 - Stainless Steel Cleaner
  • G4 - Floor Cleaner
  • G5 - Washing-Up Liquid








multipurpose cleaner

  • G6 - Wash Room Cleaner
  • G7 - Multi Purpose Cleaner
  • G8 - Air Freshner
  • G9 - Glass Cleaner