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Scientific Knowledge, Creating Results

Gannon Chemicals Ltd., Ballindine, Claremorris, Co. Mayo

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Laundry Products

We create solutions that deliver results, clean linen coupled with the lowest possible rate of rewash. We design these products following extensive wash tests using standard stain test fabrics. We back these solutions with electronic dosing technology and service. We train operatives in all aspects of laundry operation, stain recognition and remediation.

Laundry Products

Everkleen NCS

Everkleen NCS is a concentrated liquid laundry detergent for on-premise and commercial laundries. Everkleen NCS has been developed for use with automatic dosing systems and is suitable for washing cotton, polycotton and synthetic fabrics. Everkleen NCS contains a synergistic blend of surfactants, water softening agents, anti greying agents and anti-redeposition agents. Everkleen NCS is effective cleaning of all fabrics across a range of temperatures.

Brightwell Laundry HF

Alkaline Booster

Alkaline Booster is a liquid alkali builder/booster, based on a mixture of alkalis for use in medium to hard water (125 - 250 ppm). Alkaline Booster improves soil removal, especially of food (protein) and fat stains (e.g. restaurant and kitchen linen). Alkaline Booster prevents greying of linen by the stabilisation of soil particles in wash liquor. Improves wash performance by affecting the soil-fibre interaction (swelling).

Hyperox 35

Hyperox 35 is a 35% commercial grade peroxide destainer designed to gently bleach cotton and synthetic fibres. Hyperox 35 is particularly useful when washing at temperatures of 60°C and above. It removes stubborn bleachable stains such as tea, coffee and wine and is suitable for both whites and coloured laundry.

Brightwell Laundry


Everfresh fabric conditioner lightly conditions each of the fibres, helping them to remain regular and smooth and retain their natural elasticity. Everfresh fabric conditioner coats the synthetic fibres, preventing static from building up on the fibres.