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Floor Cleaners and Polishes

Our purpose is to produce the most cost effective cleaning and polishing solutions. We create solutions that deliver results, a clean grease free floor, a streak free polished surface or a clean and

Floor Cleaning

Insta Shield Super

Insta Shield Super is a water based all-acrylic metallised dry bright polish. Insta Shield Super is a self-levelling, self-shining, metallised emulsion polish with high resistance to scuffing and marking.


Lavender is a perfumed floor wash for use as a maintainer of polished surfaces. Lavender does not streak or smear and provides surfaces with a transparent and protective film which cares for, and conditions polished surfaces.


Vertal is an environmentally friendly, solvent free, alkaline cleaner and degreaser. Vertal contains no solvents or alcohols and is readily bio-degradable (70% IN 5 DAYS). Vertal is particularly suitable for use as a hard surface cleaner as it is easily rinsed off contact surfaces.